A new public library for Nampa13.05.10 Nampa - library front
Construction is underway on the new Nampa Public Library at Library Square! The Library Square Project, due for completion in early 2015, will house the 62,000 square foot library, a new parking garage for the downtown neighborhood, retail and office space, and a beautiful public plaza. The new library will be nearly three times the size of the current library with convenient, abundant parking, allowing the library to serve more than twice as many daily patrons. The current project budget covers the new library structure and much of the interior, but also the parking garage, retail and office space, and the plaza.

A case for additional support
In order to better reflect the growing Nampa community, the Nampa Library Foundation proposes the need for additional funding in order to make the new library more comfortable, vibrant, and inviting. The Nampa Library Foundation and Art Task Force, both comprised of members of the community, suggest the following areas of improvement:

Comfortable, attractive furnishings will make the library an inviting space, encouraging gathering, reflection, and creativity. With interchangeable components designed to encourage dynamic use of the space, upgrades to the furnishings will invite Nampa patrons to spend more quality timeĀ at their library.

In order to better serve the community, including students, professionals, and seniors, funding for technology will improve library resources including Wi-Fi access, comfortable connection stations, and better enable library staff to monitor appropriate online activity.

library artPublic Art
An Art Task Force has been formed to help make the new library a beautiful and inviting space with appealing art and creative installations. The group is comprised of local business owners, artists, and city and library representatives. They are charged with the responsibility of outlining parameters for public art that will reflect the Nampa community. Elements such as budget, space and environment, and the Nampa culture will be considered when soliciting for art proposals. For information on specific plans for art in the library, visit our Art Plan page.

For more information on specific improvements in furnishings, technology, and public art, click here.